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Who We Are

The Team: David Lycett, Keith W. Mosedale, Michael Montifroy, Keith Mosedale

Key Strings is a string duo made up of two of our team that brings music to life in schools across England and Wales.

Key Strings began back in the mid 90’s when it was formed out of the Cheshire String Quintet. Whilst working as a Violin Teacher for the Cheshire Music Service, Keith Mosedale, decided to put together a program that delivered live music to children and helped teachers fulfill the demands of the curriculum. So was born Key Strings.

Keith has a lifetime of experience as a professional musician and educator. Having studied at the Royal College of Music in Manchester and the Vienna Conservatoire, he played in the Halle Orchestra under Sir John Barbirolli and even directed his own light orchestra on Colwyn Bay Pier before moving into education as a Head of Music in a high school and later as a peripatetic violin teacher.

Since 2006 Keith has been working together with his son Keith W Mosedale further developing Key Strings. Creating different programs and themes and adding to the collection of instruments and music which can be presented to enhance the children's educational experience.

Together they work with colleagues Michael Montifroy and David Lycett, both experienced Teachers and Violinists. Michael and Keith W both being former pupils of Keith Snr. and his mentor from the College of Music Rudolph Botta.

All of our team are enthusiastic about music and have a passion for passing on that enthusiasm to the next generation. Our goal is to help young people see music in a different way, not simply classical or pop, but as something that is there for all to enjoy.