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What We Do

Primary Schools

Key Strings introduces children to the string family of the orchestra demonstrating solo and ensemble music from a range of styles, periods, cultures and genres.

Presented with humour, imagination and creativity our programs not only focus upon the key elements of music in the National Curriculum, but also relate to several other cross-curricular subjects.

The children experience structured live music with an emphasis upon listening, appraising and participating.

We provide both specialist and non-specialist teachers with practical help in meeting the aims of music in the Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum.

Furthermore, by relating to wider cross-curricular subjects, teachers are given a platform from which to build further creative learning opportunities.

To aid that objective we include a 40 page workbook containing approximately a terms worth of cross-curricular work in English, Maths, Science, Technology, History and ICT.

Special Schools

At Key Strings we believe that music has the power to touch all people in some way and that all children should have the opportunity to experience and gain enjoyment from music.

That is especially true for the most special children in our world. Music has an unbelievable ability to break through and reach children, generating responses that they may find it difficult to replicate ordinarily. We have seen this to be most evident in the many Special schools we visit.

When we work with these wonderful children we tailor our program to meet the needs of the pupils. We work with all children no matter how small or profound their need and allow them to access and enjoy music.

They are encouraged to play instruments, develop fine motor skills, access vibrations of instruments through hearing and touch, and to explore music by taking part in songs and dance. At their own pace all children will be fully included.

To find out more about the rewards of a musical experience for your children contact our office.


Sometimes people wonder if musical presentations are suitable for nursery children. Key Strings absolutely is! When we say we aim to make music accessible for all we mean it. Key Strings visits many nursery schools where we encourage children to dance, play and experience music in a fun way.

It can be scary listening to music when you are small, but Key Strings helps our littlest friends see just how fun music can be. All children are included (at their own pace) to join in playing instruments, hearing new sounds, dancing, and generally having fun. At this age fun is the most important emotion a child can attach to music. Our programs are presented with humour at a pitch and pace to suit the children and presents a fun and friendly environment for those early experiences of music. Building confidence to try new things in the future and gain a greater awareness of music in their everyday lives.

In the Primary school setting the EYFS children are very much included within the scope of the KS1 group. It comes as a surprise to some to think that this age group can sit for nearly an hour, however, time and time again we find that the nursery sit beautifully, are engaged and are able to join in and last through the program with happy smiling faces. To find out more about a Key Strings visit to your Nursery School or should you have any concerns or questions regarding the inclusion of EYFS into a school visit please feel free to contact our office and we’ll be happy to help.

Arrange a visit from Key Strings & open the door to live music in YOUR school!